HR Consultancy

Research has shown that employee training and HR representation are great ways to improve morale and increase company synergy.  This leads to increased profits and lower turnover.  Employees are more likely to discuss critical issues to a third-party company, such as Critical Branch.  We like to show actionable results, and our programs are aimed at that goal.

Company Image Survey

Conducting surveys is an effective way of finding flaws in how the company presents itself and how the employees feel.  We employee a dual employee satisfaction survey and customer satisfaction survey targeted toward issues in employee knowledge and company representation.  Combined we can work to create solutions that address critical issues and help your company put a better foot forward.

Personelle Analytics

Want to get a great view of your companies human resources?  Our Personelle Analytics combines employee satisfaction surveys, interviews and talent profiles to give you a full view of your staff.  We then suggest recommendations to deal with critical issues and meet with employees to address ways to improve satisfaction.  Returning in 2 to 3 months for an additional satisfaction survey to show the effects of our intervention. If we didn’t significantly affect your moral we will give you back 75% of our booking fee.

Human Resources Representation

Would you like an HR Representative on call for your company?  We utilize both an in-person representative and on-the-job training to help your staff become more!  Your HR Rep will be there to help your employees to a more successful future.  Furthermore, we will provide help and representation with tasks such as employment and exit interviews, employee hotlines and sales training.