Training and Development

In addition to our Responsible Vendor Class, we are pleased to offer additional training to your employees.  We research your location and products before we develop a training program.  Our goal is to empower your company and employees for a more productive and efficient workplace.  By being hands-on and interactive we increase knowledge transfer rates and training time.

SalesForce Training

A more educated workplace is better for your sales and investing in employment skills shows your invested in your employees.    Training is done on the job and tailored to fit your product mix and needs.   The goal is to develop your employees’ skills in a multitude of categories including

  • Sales tips
  • Product knowledge
  • Dealing with disgruntled customers
  • Positive Communication

Team Building

Personality/Leadership Assessments
Adding to a positive workplace
outdoor skills

Managerial Development

Our managerial training comes in a small group or one on one situation to better help individuals learn.  Classes focus on managers’ business functions and how to save time.

Excel for Managers: Interpreting sales data, product mix strategy, and inventory ordering for an effective sales strategy

Successful Stores:  Training includes scheduling for Sales, employee satisfaction, and organizational behavior

Developing Management Skills: We focus on managing personal stress, supportive communications to gain influence, and empowering through delegating