Kyle Signs, Trainer

M.B.A. Entrepreneurship

Entering the cannabis industry in 2010, Kyle has worked in almost every position a retail store can have including METRC Administrator and Store Manager. Kyle aims to combine real-world and book knowledge to create successful training strategies. With a passion for teaching others and a wealth of experience, Kyle wants to make sure the entire industry is putting a professional foot forward.

An educated workplace is an efficent workplace

C.J. Medina, Communications

M.S in Management

A Colorado native and Masters of Science graduate student at the University of Denver. CJ has years of professional experience in adult gaming, healthcare, hospitality, and sales. He has a strong passion for developing innovative customer engagement and positive professionalism. Understanding that the marijuana industry needs to grow he is determined to develop a program that is customer-focused and brings his clients goals to fruition through improved knowledge and solutions.

Increasing employee engament increases customer engagement.

Dr. Melissa Luke, Consultant

Professor of Human Analytics

Dr. Luke is a published author, professor, and corporate speaker. She has worked with multiple Fortune 500 companies and is a master of motivating employees. Melissa is passionate about changing how employees view their lives, their careers, and their personal happiness. Dr. Luke not only works with companies to eradicate job dissatisfaction, but she also visits universities across the country to encourage our youth to seek out professions they can develop a real passion for.

Employee satisfaction is at an all time low, companies that can motivate establish an easy competive advantage.

Learn more about Dr. Luke at her website.