Responsible Vendor Class

Critical Branch is proud to provide a class design to educate your cannabis sales force while also giving your business an extra layer of defense against litigation.  Our program is designed to teach your staff to be educated about the products you sell and the rules that govern the heavily regulated Colorado Industry.  The class is focused to prevent illegal sales and enhance the work skills of your employees.

Class Topics

  1.  Effects of Marijuana
    1. Differences in ingestion types
    2. Health Effects
  2. Sales Regulations
    1. Product Purchase Limits
    2. ID Checking
  3. Compliance
    1. Licensing
    2. Transportation
    3. Enforcement
  4. Required Publications
    1. Maintenance of Records
    2. Necessary Documents
  5. Standards of Health and Safety
  6. Conduct
    1. Display Requirements
    2. Employment Laws

Class Benefits

Educating your sales force allows them to effectively communicate with the customer increasing company sales and creating repeat customers. This additionally improves employee morale and motivation, helping to lower turnover rates.  As an added benefit being a responsible vendor shows that your company is above the grain and has an.

Maintaining Certification

All owners, managers, and staff involved in the selling or handling of marijuana products must attend training every two years.  Any new employees must complete a responsible vendor training within 3 months.  We work hard to maintain your certification and are willing to schedule classes around you!

Class Structure

The class is estimated to take 3 hours, two hours is devoted to the class while the remaining time is used to take a test.  To become certified students must get over 70% on the written exam.  In addition, one break and a test review are included. 

Class Pricing

Private classes start at $80 per student. However, discounts are available for groups larger than 10 and/or providing a teaching space.  We also provide a public class once per month, see our calendar to see upcoming dates and locations.

To summarize, it is our goal to give every marijuana employee a central base of knowledge so they can be more effective. Feel free to contact us to set up a class or if you have any questions!